PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMPwww.whitehouse.govwww.donaldjtrump.com/@realDonaldTrump >b-but Trump hasnt done anything!www.promiseskept.com/www.magapill.com/ ARCHIVED LINKS pastebin.com/ynXV6CHTDAILY SCHEDULE twitter.com/POTUS_ScheduleWH Public Pool: publicpool.kinja.com/ NEW APPEARANCES>Pres Trump Speech on HR5682 First Step Act 11/14/18youtu.be/PCUvBoPMki0>VP Pence meets w/Myanmar SC Suu Kyi 11/14/18www.c-span.org/video/?454546-1/>DefSec C.H.A.O.S….

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DMT and other dimesnsions

The other dimensions and the Hyperspace Jesters/Machine Elves/ Clockework elves people who take DMT talk about seeing, is it all real? Are there dimensions that exist around us but we cant see? Are these elves…

Not a Jooo

Just did a 23&me. Turns out I’m 99,8% northwestern European. The rest is unassigned. I had hoped for some ashkenazi, yet there is nothing.So the gates of heaven are closed to me. I am not…

Trump to become King

How can we meme Trump into being King? Can he just fire Congress? Kek predicted this would happen by December, and it’s quickly approaching.

There is no God but Death

There is no God but Death. It is He who sustains us, for we subsist on the flesh of beings who have felt His touch. It is He who removes evil men from their place…

It’s The Collusion, Stupid: Roger Stone Received Prior Notice of Wikileaks Dumps

>Text messages show Roger Stone and friend discussing WikiLeaks plans www.nbcnews.com/politics/justice-department/exclusive-text-messages-show-stone-friend-discussing-wikileaks-plans-n936371 >Stone denies there’s anything incriminating in there, forgetting we already know he was in direct contact with Russian intelligence assets (Guccifer 2.0) at the…


How do we get the jannies to stop being kikes? Discuss.