>the arab slave trade of white europeans lasted over 1000 years and only ended with French colonialism and the decline of the ottoman empire

today is a special day frens

so it is trumps 666th day in office today. lets start this comfy saturday off right by observing GEOTUS trip 6 get. checked mr. presidentwe all know you lurk here

WhatsApp language

>The following morning she sent Harrison what turned out to be the most important text in the entire trial: “what happened last night was not consensual.” Is this how people write and speak in Ireland?…

Let’s look at the following

Let’s look at the following.. Being a 32 Boomer, You own a retro car and your own home. Being a Zoomer, You play fornite. Is the 32 boomer the evolution of the hipster? I look…

Perfect New Order

I want to show /pol/ my perfect utopia societyIn this society every state will be an ethno-state and governed by their own form of fascism]I will exlain each regionWhat does /pol/ think?

Racemixing is the future

She is so much better than white women and she will worship that BWC daily. Jump on the WMAF train anon.

Has /pol/ seen google’s latest propoganda video?

Has /pol/ seen google’s latest propoganda video? now i dont normally frequent this board (/g/ and /biz/ fag here) or take part in your “le jews did everything bad” but this is undeniably propoganda being…

>children and women are getting raped…

>children and women are getting raped by MuslimsOh, what savages! We must protect our women and children from those savages >muh woman is a nation weaker and must have no rightsYes! I agree those woman…

Dems will be wiped from the earth

They are broke, desperate, and prone to extreme violence the more backed into the corner they get. Is it really going to have to be bloody AF?