Imagine needing to try THIS HARD to twist the story of Trump…

Imagine needing to try THIS HARD to twist the story of Trump winning on the border wall into something negative revolving around Trump being “weak” for winning. Seriously, just imagine. Even worse, imagine being one of the people who actually blindly digests these BS narratives when they read them. I…

Milton Friedman:

> Be me > Become the greatest economist the world has ever seen > Travel to every country and explain each of their economies > Be the first person in history to create “owned” videos, where he questioned and answered the best intellectuals of his time and destroyed them all…

“…so Ivanka and Jared can make money”

>Why would you [vote for him again]?” the provocative author and columnist asked. “To make sure, I don’t know, Ivanka [Trump] and Jared [Kushner] can make money? That seems to be the main point of the presidency at this point.” Anyone know the details of this assertion? Proofs?

Pelosi said there weren’t enough votes

Why doesn’t the media ever call her out for being a liar?

What does /pol/ want for Christmas.

What would /pol/ like for Christmas this year?

thoughts on israel and palestine

who should get the land and who is correct, israel or palestine?

Proud To Be

Hello, /pol/. A few days ago this idea was thrown out. The idea is pretty simple, and goes like this:>promote pic related as a method of “celebrating diversity”>have a few bots and such post pics of their filled-out sheet (with some tranny/fag/non-white boxes checked, but some regular people/white boxes checked)>yuppie…

How to protect my future children

From the debt scam and also moral decay of going to a university?

Buckle up ur anuses frens

Buckle up ur anuses frensYou’re about to see alot of giant things happen in the next few days and weeksjust a short list:Ending the FBIEnding the CIARevealing (almost) Free energy and Life extension technologiesStart of the Space Force and Cyber ForceEnd of the genocidal Chinese government in its current formEnding…

post wholesome WHITE music

post wholesome WHITE musicpicture unrelated


Section 235(b)(2)(c) Activated.Next x>inb4source

Albania hate

Why does everyone hate Albania?

Mattis Resigns! Mad Dog Sent to Farm Upstate!

Roy BattyDaily Stormer December 21, 2018 Was that so hard, Mr. President? It turns out that just doing the right thing is enough to make your enemies show their true colours, tuck tail and run. Mattis literally resigned because Trump decided to grow a pair and pull out of Syria.…



What’s up with modern day white woman

What drives white women to venture into another country, a dangerous one at that just for a thrill?


Fuck Ben Shapiro, this is /ourjew/ >literally got Jesus Killed>kissed him as an insult Is Judas the ultimate redpill?

What percentage of /pol/ are paid Russian shills?

What percentage of /pol/ are paid Russian shills?

Ok /pol/, let’s say women don’t like being beaten or…

Ok /pol/, let’s say women don’t like being beaten or getting raped. If we accept that as a fact and we also accept that evolution is real, then why don’t they just evolve to be as strong as men to defend themselves? Something doesn’t add up..

UK: Three Pakis Found Guilty of “Grooming” Oxford Schoolgirl

Charles MartelDaily Stormer December 21, 2018 Anjum Dogar, Mohammed Karrar and Bassam Karrar. These “grooming gang” convictions are such a joke. The courts continue to single out a few Pakis that offended decades ago, presumably in the hope that doing so will satiate the public’s hunger for revenge – or…

South Africa: Four Kaffirs Attack White Farm in Bothaville, Shootout Ensues

Charles MartelDaily Stormer December 21, 2018 There have been a lot of farm attacks in South Africa recently. Just the festive season I guess. Things will cool down in January when everyone goes back to work. South Africa Today: A farm attack took place in Bothaville, Free State. The attack…